Inhibitor Nanobody isolation services:

Nanobodies are powerful tools for enzyme inhibition. Their long CDR3 protudes from the mean protein plan and enters in protein’s clefts. The use of specific peptides designed near the active site allows to isolate nanobodies that restrict the catalytic activity and the specific discrimination beetween similar enzymes.

Eivatech recently uses his technology by demonstrated the specific isolation of nanobodies that discriminate beetween two proteins differing by only one amino-acid (the signal ratio mutant Braf V600E/ Braf wt is superior to 5.

Eivatech proposes to isolate specific inhibitors. This is effective for research, diagnostic and therapeutic fields.

For diagnostic of antibiotic resistance it is of outmost importance to detect specifically enzyme mutants and for therapeutic to inhibit these enzymes.

This is the case particularly in the field of antibiotic resistance caused by beta lactamase mutations.

An another mean to restore antibiotic resistance is to block efflux pump. Nanobodies are the perfect tool for this task.

For cancer therapy, nanobodies can be used either as antagonists, to prevent ligand binding impending conformational changes that lead to activation of signalling cascades, or as allosteric inhibitors to modulate the enzymatic activity of their target proteins.


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