Custom Nanobody isolation services:

Eiva is an efficient and sophisticated technology. This technology is proprietary.

Eiva allows the generation of recombinant antibodies from naive libraries built from humanized and mutageneized dna llama sequences.

In addition to providing the ability to test a large number of clones thanks to the high throughput screening and access to nucleotide sequences early in the process, this technology allows the development of monoclonal antibodies from all types of species (llamas, camels or other camelids, etc.). Thanks to their small size (VHH or nanobody), the development of llama antibodies are tools of choice for therapeutic applications.

For R&D, Diagnostic and Therapeutic:

For each case, our team explores with the client the challenges of the project and defines the specifications together.

  • Target of interest : membrane protein, peptide, small molecule, post-translational modifications, enzyme, etc.

  • Applications : ELISA, WB, functional tests, diagnostic or therapeutic applications, etc.

  • Special features : Available material, specificity, deadlines, etc.

Eivatech proposes tailor-made strategies to meet the client’s needs and guarantee the success of the project.

Eiva ( Enrichment in vitro of antibodies) and nanobody Library screening:

Eivatech proposes the screening of an antibody library, in nanobody format, focused on the target of interest combined with high throughput screening (or bio-panning) by EIVA. This optimizes the chances of success in obtaining high affinity and high specificity antibodies.

  • Selection of a large number of nanobodies candidates: 30 nanobodies will be isolated and selected based on binding strenght ( at least nanomolar or subnanomolar range).


  • Optimized screening with different stringency conditions.


  • Access to sequences. All the nucleic sequences will be determined and sent after customer final selection.


  • Production, Purification and Characterization of candidates (reactivity, affinity, etc.)

    All the nanobodies are inserted in a bacterial expression vector and purified on Nickel column thanks to the presence of hexahistidine tag in N-terminal. Until five hundred micrograms purified nanobodies will be send to the customer for testing before

At the end of the nanobody isolation all the nanobodies positive for the binding wiill be sent to the customer, after quality control. The sending comprised the nucleic acid sequences inserted in a bacterial expression vector.

Quality Control & Characterization:

Spectrophotometry quantification, SDS-PAGE analysis, ELISA, Interferometry / Biacore affinity determination.

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